Hello,  and Welcome to our website,

We are located in south central Oklahoma, and have a very small breeding flock of Silkie Chickens  that we continue to improve on each year.
 We have been raising Silkies since 1975.  Much later,  we gave our place a name,  after much consideration we decided on SonRise Silkies, hoping that it will may be a witness to our Faith.   JESUS indeed has risen!!!
My Silkies are very limited in number and are kept now to hatch eggs for me.  I am concentrating on Peafowl and am no longer breeding the Silkies.
Silkie hens are still and always will be a part of my flock and they are for sure the very best setters and mothers any one could ask for.   Many beautiful peafowl have been hatched and grew up under a wonderful soft warm fluffy Silkie Mama.

Thank you so much for visiting here, I'm sorry I can not offer any birds for sale.
Please feel free to contact me for more information, to look at my birds, or to just talk "chicken"

May God Bless You! 

Cheryl                                      Jesus is Lord!

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