Hello,  and Welcome to our website,

We are located in south central Oklahoma, and have a very small breeding flock of Silkie Chickens  that we continue to improve on each year.
 We have been raising Silkies since 1975.  Much later,  we gave our place a name,  after much consideration we decided on SonRise Silkies, hoping that it will may be a witness to our Faith.   JESUS indeed has risen!!!

Although I do not show my Silkies, it IS important that the caliber of my Silkies will be considered show quality...I love this breed and they deserve no less from me.
I breed selectively and do not sell eggs.
These birds are my favorite pets, I spend a lot of time with them and they each show a unique personality and lots of affection.  They are very calm, smart, healthy, and excellent setters and mothers.

My goal here is to keep and raise Silkies that I can be proud of and that you can be proud of also should you decide that a few SonRise silkies are what you need to add to or begin your own flock.

Please  check out the Calico Cochin bantams  that I am using in a program to make unique feathered and colored blue egg laying bantam.  
So far the program is doing great except the eggs are GREEN!  The hens are exceptionally pretty, with nice muffs and small crests.
As always I will continue with Silkies but my numbers will be very limited and White will be only color offered.

Thank you so much for visiting here and I hope to hear from you soon.
Please feel free to contact me for more information, to look at my birds, or to just talk "chicken"

May God Bless You! 

Cheryl                                      Jesus is Lord!

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