Hello,  and Welcome to my website,

I am located in south central Oklahoma, and have a very small breeding flock of Silkie Chickens  and Cream Legbars that I continue to improve on each year. [Lavender Silkie pullet pictured above]
 I have been raising Silkies since 1975.  Much later,  I gave my place a name,  after much consideration I decided on SonRise Silkies, hoping that it will may be a witness to my Faith.   JESUS indeed has risen!!!

My Silkies are very limited in number and are only offered for sale occasionally .
Silkie hens are still and always will be a part of my flock and they are for sure the very best setters and mothers any one could ask for.  

 I have fallen in love with Cream Legbars and the Golden Crele Legbar, I hope to have a few for sale in the spring of 2022.  I am all sold out for 2021.  
I will be adding pictures soon.
 They continue to amaze me with their intelligence and curiosity. They are sexable at hatch so easy to tell which is pullet or cockerel.  A very friendly, gentle and happy type chicken, they are a true joy to own.
All this and they lay a beautiful blue egg and plenty of them.
I am looking forward to this breed being accepted into the American Poultry Assoc and having a true Standard of Perfection established.

Thank you so much for visiting here, I'm sorry I can not offer any birds for sale at this time, but check back later.
Please feel free to contact me for more information, to look at my birds, or to just talk "chicken"

May God Bless You! 



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